Walking After Eating: Eat, Walk, Be Healthy

Going For A WalkLooking to answers to common questions regarding going for walks after eating meals? The following posts have a lot of good information. In most cases you can assume that going for a walk after a meal is good for you. There are only a few uncommon problems with it and your concerns should be relatively low if you keep yourself held to a light to moderate walk.

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The Benefits of Walking After Eating – If you go for a walk after you eat dinner (or any meal for that matter) you will have lower blood sugar spikes which can minimize the damage caused by diabetes or even help prevent it in some people.

Is It Bad To Go Walking After Eating A Meal – One of the most common fears of doing any kind of exercise right after eating has to do with cramping. Because the body diverts energy to the digestive system it is felt that exertion during this time can cause cramping as not enough energy is directed at the digestive process. In most cases this is false, you know, unless you are climbing Mt. Everest or something equally as daunting.

Is Walking After A Meal Good For You – People who regularly go for walks immediately having meals throughout the day experience increased recovery at a much faster clip. Blood sugar spikes are less dramatic if you go for a walk which can lead to more stable energy levels. Your digestive system performs better leading you to decreased levels of indigestion or heartburn. Your arteries experience less stress (even more so after having had a high fat meal) which can lean to stable and lower blood pressure levels. Not to mention the fact that walks make people feel good, happy, energized. Yes it’s good for you to go walking after meals.

Should You Walk Before Or After A Meal – There is certainly no problem at all with going for a walk before your meal. Some people may simply feel better about it but leading researchers have found an overwhelming supply of data suggesting walks after eating are better than those prior to the big meal. In this article I explore the data surrounding pre-meal walking and post-meal walking. In it you will see that although both are extremely good for you, you get the most bang for your buck by putting your walking shoes on after you clean up your plate.

How Long To Wait Before Walking After Eating – Should you wait an hour after eating to go walking, or should you just get up and go right away? Most people who go walking are not participating in extreme physical exertion so the benefits of waiting 15 minutes to a hour are not all that relevant. Almost all data suggests the best time to go is right after you take your last bite. Don’t wait if you want to experience the most benefits possible.

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